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Sponsorship Information



Sponsorships are essential in allowing SCF to rescue dogs that we know will be costly to rehabilitate.  Without these donations and sponsorships, dogs in need of specific costly treatments would otherwise be euthanized rather than rescued, treated and placed in loving homes. 

Adoption fees barely cover our typical costs when bringing a dog into rescue.  These typical expenses include various tests, shots, spaying and neutering as well as microchipping, and are all necessary before we can finalize an adoption.  Truth is, most dogs in need of rescue are also in need of medical treatments beyond the initial exam.  This is where we ask our supporters to sponsor a dog and in turn, they truely become a part of that dog's rescue.

Sponsors are often people who cannot foster or those where time does not allow them the opportunity to volunteer.  Others may simply just do it out of the goodness of their heart.  Sponsoring a dog allows these people to invest directly in a specific dog's care. In return, sponsors of specific dogs receive regular updates on the dog's progress via email, not to mention that wonderful feeling in knowing they've helped to save a life. 

Please consider sponsoring a dog that needs you.