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Second Chance Boxer Rescue, Inc
P.O. Box 1233
Thonotosassa, Fl 33592-1233

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  Please read before you contact Second Chance Friends, Inc.    

SCF primarily rescues animals in the state of Florida.   We are unable to rescue outside the state at this time.

Because we are an all-volunteer organization, although we try hard, often it takes us a few days to respond to inquiries. If you have an emergency with a dog please call your county animal control or law enforcement.

We provide daily updates on SCF dogs. The bios contain all the information we have at this time about any particular dog. If you have questions about a dog, feel free to email us, but know it may take a few days for us to reply.

We would also like to assist pet owners who are experiencing difficulty with their dogs on the best way to work with and train their dog and support them to keep their dog at home with them rather than to find a new home. 

You may email us at


We also support owners who are unable to keep their dogs as family pets as well as still trying to help some dogs being advertised for free. ​

When all else has been considered and you believe that surrendering your dog is the best option for you and your dog, we will do our best to accept your dog into our care.

Please fill out the form and someone will be in touch with you within 5-7 days.

Owner Surrender Form