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Animal Success Stories
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Puppy F

Hattie, otherwise known as "Puppy F" came to SCBR when she, along with her mama and 8 siblings, were surrendered to a county shelter in Florida. We pulled them and brought them under our wing, and found wonderful homes for all 10 of them. Hattie has found her 7th heaven with her new family. She hit the jackpot (and her new family says the feeling is mutual). Here is what Hattie's new mama had to say about the new addition to her family:


"Haddie is a very secure, head strong bully girl. She loves everyone and is very curious about everything going on.  She is not afraid of anything!  (This is the first time I have had a puppy....my others were rescued older and had a lot of fears and such.)  The foster mama did an amazing job with those pups!  She loves to play in the neighborhood dog park and she goes crazy for Santa hats. LOL! She is quite entertaining.  Her favorite part of the day is going to pick up her boy at the bus stop:)
We are so thankful for people with a heart to save animals!"

Be happy, Hattie !! We love you.